COVID-19 Updates

Walk-In Clinic Guidelines:

Beginning immediately, we will re-open our walk-in clinic with the resumed hours of 7:45-8:30am, Monday through Friday. Please note the modified process outlined below before utilizing the walk-in clinic.

– Call our office from the parking lot before entering so that the patient & caregiver may be screened.

– Once assessed over the phone by our staff to determine risk, you will be advised to come inside and directed where to go.

– Our waiting area remains closed and staff will take you immediately to an exam room when you enter.

– We ask that all patients and their family members over the age of two years wear a mask.

Also, we are restarting the breastfeeding group with new guidelines as well:

Breastfeeding Support Group

1st and 3rd Thursdays, 6-7:30pm

*Must be an established Redwood Patient

Upcoming Dates:
10/15, 11/5, 11/19, 12/3 and 12/17. 

Come with your questions and concerns…or with your
need to talk to other grownups every now and then.

All adults must wear a mask while attending the group.

Our Expertise in Preventing Contagious Illness

Much of the world is now getting a crash course in viral transmission, inoculum size, viral particle shedding and management of risk factors. We want to give our patients and their parents/caregivers reassurance that these topics are at the center of our extensive educational background and Pediatric medical expertise. Regardless of the kind of germ that causes illness, preventing its spread between patients is at the heart of how Pediatricians move, work and navigate our work each day. Starting in medical school and extending into our professional environment at Redwood, preventing the spread of illnesses is a practical set of steps that comes out of years of education on the human body, the traits and characteristics of various germs, the dynamics of the immune system, and the changes in certain individuals that make a person weaker against a specific germ at a specific time. Just as airplanes are built only once thousands of hours of design is completed, Pediatric office design, layout, scheduling and cleaning is designed before the first patient ever sets foot into a Redwood office. While people cannot live in a bubble, there are many important steps that can be taken to restrict the spread of illness between patients, and we want you to know that at Redwood we use our expertise to meet or proactively go above and beyond governing body recommendations to keep our patients and staff healthy.

Phone Screening:

During the Pandemic, each patient calling for any type of appointment will be screened for risk factors for exposure to or symptoms of Coronavirus. Patients at risk of exposure or who have signs of infection will be sent to an appropriate testing site and not come to the office. This is a necessary step to protect the patients that choose us as their medical home.

Provider Availability

During the pandemic, your ability to choose a specific provider for a visit may be limited and unexpected changes may be necessary. Please be flexible with us as we strive to do the right thing for all of our patients. Once the pandemic is over, we will be happy to offer the flexibility and choice of providers you have come to expect from Redwood Pediatrics.

Coronavirus Testing and Care

We continue to have tests for Coronavirus. If your child has respiratory symptoms, they should be evaluated in our Mobile Clinic without delay. If oxygen levels and an x-ray show signs consistent with COVID19, testing can be performed in the Mobile Clinic or in your car. Appropriate guidance for additional care will be given at that time depending on the results of the test. COVID19 care and guidance is quite similar to typical care we routinely provide for children infected with other serious viral illnesses; we will give you clear and easy to understand guidelines for care should your child test positive.

Staff Training and Communication

Doctors and Nurse Practitioners all receive extensive training and expertise in infection control and prevention as well as treatment. At Redwood we maintain the highest standards for all clinical staff. All of our nurses are RN’s, meaning they have years more education and clinical training than the Medical Assistants (MA’s) that most offices employ. We also keep frequent and proactive communication between Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and nursing staff to provide up to the minute accurate clinical information for patients. One of our core values is to practice excellent communication , and this commitment becomes additionally critical during trying times such as the Coronavirus Pandemic. Please be assured that we are reading our professional resources daily, communicating changes in real time with our staff, and passing on the best information available to you to partner with you in caring for your children.


Telehealth visits are being offered whenever possible, in accordance with national guidance provided by the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics. It is our goal to be as accessible as possible to help you take care of your child. Call the office to discuss your child’s needs and find out if a Telehealth visit is a good fit.