Redwood Pediatrics is guided by a few simple principles.

Children thrive when their family and their health care providers share a relationship defined by openness, careful listening, trust and mutual respect.  From your first phone call with the receptionist to sitting in the exam room with your provider, the quality of the relationship is always the top priority at Redwood Pediatrics.

Barriers in communication are unacceptable when parents need help with a sick child.  Our quick, simple phone system provides 24/7/365 access to our providers without the waiting caused by third party answering services or call-backs. Our electronic medical record system integrates texting, phone calls, and email, so you can be contacted how you like.  Our Portal has web-based and android/iOS apps, giving you real time access to all your child’s health information wherever you may need it. Our communication systems are designed with one goal in mind: make access to our providers modern, simple, satisfying and time-efficient.

Giving the highest quality care involves more than a heart for children and a graduate degree. Our affiliation with CMH gives us seamless integration with any care our patients receive within the CMH system, whether as a hospital in-patient or in a CMH specialty clinic. Through maintaining close professional relationships with local Pediatric Sub-specialists, attending conferences, reviewing the latest journals and studies from around the world, and digging deep into medical history, we strive to do our homework so you don’t have to! We work hard to remain the best resource possible for the many questions parents face when raising kids in today’s complex environment.

Redwood Pediatrics acknowledges the importance of the whole person: body, mind and spirit. We embrace the reality that children’s physical health is directly affected by their emotional and spiritual health. We enjoy addressing and discussing the emotional and spiritual needs of children, and offer both a listening ear and prayer support to any family/patient requesting it. Additionally, we work closely with child counselors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists to provide emotionally competent care.